Wednesday, March 4, 2009

haha.. admin comes again! tell u something interresting happening in the college.israel and palestine indeed are in a really terrible state now. and, palestin seems to have been the victim of this somewhat slaughter raid of israel. the interesting part is that the management of KML actually post a notice to "boikot israel". i don;t really sure whether they intend to involve students over here in this "boikot" thingy, but that stupid notice makes me realize that there r really a lot of big companies connected with that brutal israel. Common ones r nokia, maybelline, cnn, kitket, star, sun, and even macdonald! as depicted in the notice, " sesen yang anda sumbangkan adalah ibarat membeli sebiji peluru untuk mereka menembak saudara kita di palestin" last from admin, " Gaza never dies!"