Saturday, May 17, 2008

A+ maths

Ora Et Labora!

A few days ago, i was still wandering between doing form 6 or diploma.but, finally i'v made up my mind after consulting those who r experinced. ha! so my choice is St. Joseph! it's an ancient school which dated back to years much2 older than me. however, it is a nice one with all those complete facilities. by the way, did i mention that it's a Christian school?
The school motto "Ora Et Labora" are actually latin words which mean Prayer and Work. students there use english as the primary language, so, i won't expect a smooth start for me as i'm not really good at speaking english. six years in primary school, i was chinese educated, followed by 3 years in SMK jalan arang( where most of students there spoke mandarin, even the bumiputra), then 3 weeks in Kolej DPAH Abdillah and 1.5 years in SM Sains Kuching ( i spoke Bahasa Sarawak as that was the "lingua franca" there). but, i think i'm able to acclimatize soon. haha...
Set aside the language stuffs, i chose physics rather than biology. from the very onset, i'm sure that form six is not easy. so, that's the truth. after 3 days in st joseph, that night, i really wished that form six is just a bad dream. and when i woke up the next morning, there is no such thing as form six. hahaha..........imagination sometimes soothes my anxiety. wish me good luck for the rest of study at st joseph.