Saturday, April 25, 2009

a new sport for me. the snooker! before i engaged in this stuff, i always think that this is a no-good activities. however, indeed it's a super high class sport when u saw it in the TV. haha.. but when it comes to street snooker, it's the other way round. it's cheap, yet glorious.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

haha.. admin comes again! tell u something interresting happening in the college.israel and palestine indeed are in a really terrible state now. and, palestin seems to have been the victim of this somewhat slaughter raid of israel. the interesting part is that the management of KML actually post a notice to "boikot israel". i don;t really sure whether they intend to involve students over here in this "boikot" thingy, but that stupid notice makes me realize that there r really a lot of big companies connected with that brutal israel. Common ones r nokia, maybelline, cnn, kitket, star, sun, and even macdonald! as depicted in the notice, " sesen yang anda sumbangkan adalah ibarat membeli sebiji peluru untuk mereka menembak saudara kita di palestin" last from admin, " Gaza never dies!"

Saturday, February 28, 2009

haha.. long time no see~ yup, it's been months ago since d last time i managed my posts. i mentioned dat i'm studying in KML rite? thank God i'm doin well here. result is satisfying. quite a fruitful return after a few months' respite fr blogspot thingy. good news owez nice 2 hear. but i tel u smthng, if u realy intend 2 enrol at kml n u r a male, u'v 2 b mentaly prepared 4 d deplorable conditions of d dorm's washroom. i'm x lying, u muz b wel prepared 4 real! later i might post some photos of those disgusting toilets.