Wednesday, June 5, 2013

2in1 wide angle + macro magnetic mobile lens 

RM 22! Not RM 39, not RM 49, but RM22  and you can 

take your smartphone photography to the next level 


6 units ready stock! If stock run out, I provide pre-order.

Wide angle lens gives about 49% more view range so that you can take pictures of large 
group of people, buildings and landscape.

Macro lens allows you to capture the close-up of 1.5 – 2.3 cm (between the lens and the 


Colour: red/silver

Package includes:

Wide Angle (+ Marco Lens) x 1 
Lens Cover (plastic) x 1
Detachable Magnetic Ring x 2
Keychain strap x 1
English/Chinese Manual x 1

Is your phone compatible?

Lens is not applicable for mobile phones camera with features below:
1. has lens cover (pic 1)
2. has external hardware (pic 2 &3)
3. region around the lens is not flat n smooth (pic 4)
4. lens diameter is bigger than 13mm (pic 5)

The ring has inner diameter of 8.5mm and outer diameter of 13mm. Your phone is most 
probably compatible if you can stick the ring on your phone camera. Make sure you check
 properly. No refund if your phone is not compatible because you didn't check!

Delivery pos laju RM9, or COD at area in Kuching, Sarawak.

Payment: Maybank2u, CIMBclicks, Cash on Delivery (if available)

Contact: Whatsapp/ SMS (014-9136979)/email ( if you have 

further inquiry

Comparison of price:

I’m sure that RM22 is a very competitive price in the market! For price comparison, refer links below:
Keychain strap (magnetic)

position of lens
Colour available: Red/silver

Items included in the package

Macro effect

Wide angle effect
Disassemble the lens

Saturday, April 25, 2009

a new sport for me. the snooker! before i engaged in this stuff, i always think that this is a no-good activities. however, indeed it's a super high class sport when u saw it in the TV. haha.. but when it comes to street snooker, it's the other way round. it's cheap, yet glorious.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

haha.. admin comes again! tell u something interresting happening in the college.israel and palestine indeed are in a really terrible state now. and, palestin seems to have been the victim of this somewhat slaughter raid of israel. the interesting part is that the management of KML actually post a notice to "boikot israel". i don;t really sure whether they intend to involve students over here in this "boikot" thingy, but that stupid notice makes me realize that there r really a lot of big companies connected with that brutal israel. Common ones r nokia, maybelline, cnn, kitket, star, sun, and even macdonald! as depicted in the notice, " sesen yang anda sumbangkan adalah ibarat membeli sebiji peluru untuk mereka menembak saudara kita di palestin" last from admin, " Gaza never dies!"

Saturday, February 28, 2009

haha.. long time no see~ yup, it's been months ago since d last time i managed my posts. i mentioned dat i'm studying in KML rite? thank God i'm doin well here. result is satisfying. quite a fruitful return after a few months' respite fr blogspot thingy. good news owez nice 2 hear. but i tel u smthng, if u realy intend 2 enrol at kml n u r a male, u'v 2 b mentaly prepared 4 d deplorable conditions of d dorm's washroom. i'm x lying, u muz b wel prepared 4 real! later i might post some photos of those disgusting toilets.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Kolej matrikulasi labuan

on the 26th of may, i've enrolled in the KML. the admin here is not that organised. because of that, the second intake students are left "unattended" for a week++++. terrible, right? kolej matrikulasi labuan. it's not bad here. really. the library is much better than what i have in secondary school. a lot of heavy books, computer labs, i even have to scan my student card at the entrance. but one thing i find it really awful is the toilet. the beach here is spectacular! the water is sparking and u feel like asu r in swimming pool..

Saturday, May 17, 2008

A+ maths

Ora Et Labora!

A few days ago, i was still wandering between doing form 6 or diploma.but, finally i'v made up my mind after consulting those who r experinced. ha! so my choice is St. Joseph! it's an ancient school which dated back to years much2 older than me. however, it is a nice one with all those complete facilities. by the way, did i mention that it's a Christian school?
The school motto "Ora Et Labora" are actually latin words which mean Prayer and Work. students there use english as the primary language, so, i won't expect a smooth start for me as i'm not really good at speaking english. six years in primary school, i was chinese educated, followed by 3 years in SMK jalan arang( where most of students there spoke mandarin, even the bumiputra), then 3 weeks in Kolej DPAH Abdillah and 1.5 years in SM Sains Kuching ( i spoke Bahasa Sarawak as that was the "lingua franca" there). but, i think i'm able to acclimatize soon. haha...
Set aside the language stuffs, i chose physics rather than biology. from the very onset, i'm sure that form six is not easy. so, that's the truth. after 3 days in st joseph, that night, i really wished that form six is just a bad dream. and when i woke up the next morning, there is no such thing as form six. hahaha..........imagination sometimes soothes my anxiety. wish me good luck for the rest of study at st joseph.